Auditioning Now
Audition Guidelines


The audition takes the form of a Ballet and Jazz class and performance of your prepared pieces as follows.

A solo Dance in a style of your choice. This should not be longer than 1 minute 30 seconds maximum in length and should demonstrate your areas of strength
Two contrasting Musical Theatre songs of your choice, one of which will be seen, with sheet music taped and clearly readable. The songs should be cut and be no longer than 2 minutes in length.
A Classic or Contemporary monologue.

An interview will conclude the day.


We are accepting online applications Applicants should submit the following:

One Musical Theatre song of your choice, lasting no longer than 2 minutes.
A Monologue lasting no longer than 2 minutes
A dance piece lasting no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds.
Technical Exercises
Step kick 4x on alternate legs
Step leap once on each leg (provided there's space for this)
Choice of preparation into a turn. Singles and doubles both sides
A personal statement telling us a bit about yourself and why you wish to train at MPAA.
Online individual interviews will then be held.

Once you have filled in the application form and we are in receipt of your audition fee you will be sent a short dance routine to learn and invited to one of our online audition presentations where you can find out more about MPAA and ask any questions you might have.

Please find attached some guidelines from Spotlight UK about self-taping. Please make sure that your videos are filmed in landscape and sent to us via weTransfer.

We look forward to receiving your submission.

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