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Fee, Refund and Compensation Policy

MPAA, Refund and Compensation Policy

This policy outlines the arrangements for collection of student fees and charges, refunds and compensation. It:
● covers sanctions which may be used in relation to students with overdue debts and is designed to ensure
that all students are treated fairly and equitably.
● has been written in plain English in order to highlight and clarify any important terms so their significance
is not missed.
● must be read together with the full MPAA Student Terms and Conditions (Contract).

1. Tuition fee charges

1.1. The amount that students will pay in respect of tuition fees is dependent on the course that they wish to
study and any add-ons they are opting to undertake. The total cost of your course, including any
mandatory additional costs, will be sent to you in writing with your offer of a place, and are set out in the
Course Description & Costs that is sent to you upon an offer of a place.

1.2. Tuition fees for each year of study are indicated in the offer of study letter sent by MPAA. Further details
relating to payment schedules are clarified in the MPAA Contract.

1.3. Once a student has enrolled they agree to be bound by these terms and responsibilities for the payment
of their tuition fees and any other associated charges as per the terms and conditions of the MPAA
Contract, including any shortfall amounts due from third parties which are not paid. Treatment of the
non-payment of fees is outlined in section 9 below (Debt Policy and procedures).

1.4. MPAA reserves the right to reassess any student’s tuition fee liability should new information come to light
that may affect the original assessment.

2. Tuition Fee payment types

2.1. There are two tuition fee payment types:
a) Fully self-financing – student is self-funding the full tuition fee.
b) Part-funded by bursary, and part self-financing – Bursary/Scholarship covers part of the tuition fee and
the student is required to self-fund the remainder of the fees.

3. Tuition Fee Liability

3.1. Tuition fees must be paid by the first day of each term. Even where fees are payable by a third party,
students remain jointly liable to MPAA for fees notified to them.

3.2. If an employer or organisation is paying a student’s tuition fees they will need to provide evidence of this
in writing in line with the payment deadlines above, and all invoices must be settled in full within 30 days.
If invoices are not paid in accordance with these terms the shortfall will be sought directly from the

3.3. If fees are being paid by a relative or friend of the student, this is not considered as a formal sponsorship.
In this instance a student will be regarded as self-financing however the fee pay must also sign the

5. Fee Liability and Change of Circumstances

5.1. Tuition fee charges, for any self-financed element of tuition fees, are determined on the basis of enrolment
status and not actual attendance. If a student stops attending but has not formally withdrawn or
intermitted their studies, they will be liable for self-financed tuition fees until the point in time that they
officially notify MPAA of their withdrawal.

5.2. If a student decides to withdraw from a course they must notify the relevant Course Director of their
decision. This must be done in writing, by email, unambiguously and will be considered as received on the
next working day after it was sent. In the absence of written notification of withdrawal a student shall be
assumed to be in attendance and as such remain liable for the payment of tuition fees.

6. Withdrawals


Confirmed withdrawal date Fee Liability
Anytime after signing the agreement up to the first day of term 33%
On or after the first day of the Autumn term 67%
On or after the first day of the Spring term 100%

6.2. The above policy applies if you are studying on any course at MPAA.

6.3. The first day of Autumn, Spring and Summer term refers to the first date of your programme which for
most, but not all, will be the same as the published term dates.

6.4. In the case where a student has received a scholarship or a bursary from MPAA and they decide to
withdraw from the course earlier, the student will be liable for the entire scholarship or bursary.

6.5. This section does not apply in relation to the following

● ISTD Dance Teacher Training
● Private singing
● Private acting
● Additional vocational classes.

If a student withdraws from these additional options, regardless of when withdrawals take place, they are
liable for 100% of the cost of that extra course.

7. Intermitted Study and Temporary withdrawals

7.1. The withdrawal process specified above also applies to students who choose to interrupt their studies or
whose studies are terminated.

7.2. Where payment has been made in excess of the tuition fee charged (including non-refundable deposits)
overpayment refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

7.3. If a student interrupts their studies, their tuition fees liability with be treated as a withdrawal and as
outlined in section 6 above.

8. Fee waivers, Scholarships, Bursaries and Student Hardship Fund

8.1 MPAA Bursaries are offered at the commencement of each Academic Year. Other fee waivers and awards,
including one-off payments to help students in financial hardship, may be offered at any point during the
academic year on a case-by-case basis. Details of these, including how to apply, eligibility and terms and
conditions, can be found by contacting the MPAA by email [email protected] or by phone 020 3950 7535.

8.2 If a student withdraws before the completion of their course, as per section 6 and 7 above, MPAA reserves
the right to revoke any scholarship, bursary and other academic award as may have been given during the
duration of the relevant course and seek repayment of the same.

9. Debt policy and procedures

9.1. If a student fails to pay their tuition fees on time, various services such as access to tutorials, library
services or rehearsal space/studio bookings may be withdrawn and their enrolment may be terminated.

9.2. If a student is unable to pay any fees or charges by the appropriate due date, they should contact MPAA
at the earliest opportunity.

9.3. If the financial circumstances of a student change after they start their course then MPAA may be able to
agree an installment plan on a case-by-case basis. Contact details for the Finance Department are
included at the end of this policy. Please note that documentary evidence to support a request will be
required before it can be considered.

10. Returning students with debt
Students with outstanding tuition fee debts from a previous academic year are not permitted to re- enrol.
All tuition fee debts must be paid in full before a student is able to return to undertake another year of

11. External debt collection agencies

MPAA reserves the right to refer debt in respect of any former student to an external debt collection for
recovery or take any other reasonable and proportionate steps to recover the outstanding debts.

12. Refunds

12.1. Refunds: Complaint Remedies

12.2. Appropriate response or agreed remedy when addressing a complaint or appeal include alternatives to
financial compensation which might include an apology or goodwill gesture, or an offer of alternative
learning methods if the course cannot be delivered in the way it was originally intended.

12.3. A refund relates to the repayment of sums paid by a student to MPAA or an appropriate reduction in the
amount of sums owed in future by the student to MPAA.

12.4. Compensation will relate to some other recognisable loss suffered by the student. This normally falls into
two categories, either: (a) recompensing the student for out-of-pocket expenses they have incurred for a
scheduled activity that did not take place, which were paid to someone other than MPAA (such as travel
costs) or (b) an amount to recompense for material disadvantage to the student arising from a failure by
MPAA to discharge its duties appropriately.

In the unlikely event that MPAA is no longer able to deliver the course the following compensation might
be offered:

● Travel expenses should the students’ commute be affected significantly by relocation.
● Any out of pocket costs associated with the transfer of provider.

There will be no compensation for any Bursaries offered by MPAA should there be a transfer of provider;
however we would make a case to the new provider to honour any existing agreements.

12.5. Students should refer to MPAA’s Student Complaint Policy for in depth information relating to Appeals
and Complaints.

12.6. Refunds: Deposits

The Acceptance Deposit will be refunded without interest less any outstanding sums owed by the student
to MPAA upon completion of the Course

12.7. Payment of refunds

12.7.1. In accordance with UK anti-money laundering laws, refunds can only be made to the person who originally
paid the fee. In some cases, this will mean that the refund will be paid to someone other than the student,
such as a parent/guardian/sponsor.

12.7.2. Refunds will not be made in cash or by banker’s draft.

14. Anti-money laundering regulations

MPAA will not accept any payment from persons or organisations unless they relate to a valid charge,
levied or impending. This is to comply with UK Money Laundering regulations. Any suspicious payments
and or refund requests may be reported to the appropriate regulating body.

15. Library Charges

Students using the Library have an obligation to respect the rights of others by returning borrowed items
on time. To encourage this, fines may be charged on items that are returned late.

16. Other associated course costs
In addition to tuition fees, students will also need to budget for the following associated course costs:

● Dance wear (a full kit list of required shoes, clothing will be provided on acceptance of a place)
● Books and stationery
● Professional headshot
● Spotlight entry
● Agent Showcase Fee
● Exams and Exam Materials
● Cost of hiring Graduation Attire or photographic/videographic services

Students on the BA Hons Musical Theatre Course should also refer to the Additional
Costs sheet.

17. Contacting MPAA’s Finance Department

Students may find it necessary to contact someone regarding their financial account. To find out more
please contact the Finance Department:

● by email at [email protected] or by telephone on 020 3950 7534

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessitated by legislation and/ or organisational changes