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Hannah Priestley

Name: Hannah Priestley

Spotlight Number: 8216-0168-1377

Nationality: British

Age: 21

Height: 5″6

Voice Type: Soprano

Vocal Range: G3 – D6 Belt A5

Musical Styles: Contemporary, Legit, Pop, Belt, Jazz

Accents Spoken: General American, Cockney, RP, Heightened RP

Languages Spoken: English

Dance Styles: Jazz, Tap, Commercial, Contemporary, Balle

Sports: N/A

Instruments Played: Piano (basic)

Masterclasses Taken: Geoff Garratt, Nick Evans, Julie Armstrong, Cheng Ong, Nick Tudor, Ryan Gover, Chris Ma

Experiences Whilst at MPAA: Sweet Charity, Nick Evans, ‘Y Girl, and ensemble’, Into The Woods, Nick Evans ‘Lucinda’,

Previous Professional Experience: N/A

Teacher Training Genres: N/A