From Runway To Broadway

Jasmine Murphy

Name – Jasmine Murphy
Nationality – White British
Age – 21
Height – 5’4”
Voice Type – mezzo/soprano
Vocal Range – Eb3 – C6, Belt to F5.
Musical Styles – Contemporary musical theatre, Pop, Legit/ lyrical, Jazz
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Accents – RP, Heightened RP, General American, Cockney, General English, Southern American

Languages – English

Dance – Tap, Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Commercial, Partner Work, Lyrical

Sports – Swimming, Yoga, Netball

Masterclasses – Jessica Bogart, Carrie-Anne Ingrouille, Mary Ann Lamb, Todd Susman,Anne-Marie Speed, George Croom, Gabrielle Carrubba, Ayodele Casel, Tiffany Billings, Sloan Just, Jeff Whiting, James Gray, Mary Hammond, Stuart Morley, Akua Noni Parker, Kelly Downing, Phillip Joel, Alex Tranter, Julie Armstrong, Stephen Hill, Ryan Gover, Luke Holman, Nick Evans, Vanessa Havell, Christie Crosson, Beaux Harris, Jordan Li-Smith, Davide Camaroni, Katherine Iles, Johnny Bishop, Justin-Lee Jones, Raquel Ashton, Nick Tudor.

Experience whilst at MPAA –

2021– Stage, Ado Annie, Oklahoma!

2021 – Stage, Dancer/singer, Brand New Day, Kevin Fountain

2020 – Video, Singer/Dancer, Tick Tick Zoom, Kevin Fountain

2020 – Video, Annie, Chicago, Kevin Fountain

2019 – Stage, Singer/Dancer, Once Upon a FairyTale, Kevin Fountain

Previous/Professional Experience

2018 – Tracy, Hairspray, St Marylebone CofE School for Girls, Rachel Burton

2018 – Ensemble, What Makes You a Woman, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, St Marylebone CofE School for Girls, Rachel Burton

2017 – Fraulein Schneider, Cabaret, St Marylebone CofE School for Girls, Rachel Burton

Teacher Training Genres – DDE Tap