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Lauren Cameron-Jones

Nationality – White British 

Age – 22

Height – 5 ft 7

Voice Type – Soprano 

Vocal Range – F3 to C6

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Musical Styles – Legit, contemporary, ensemble singing, harmony singing.

Accents – English (standard) General American, RP, Heightened RP, Cockney, Irish, American Southern States

Languages – English, basic French 

Dance – Tap (highly skilled), jazz (highly skilled), modern dance (highly skilled), contemporary (highly skilled), ballet (skilled), commercial (skilled), Lyrical (skilled)

Sports – Swimming, cycling

Instruments PlayedN/A

Masterclasses – Mary Ann Lamb, Tiffany Billings, Carrie-Anne Ingrouille, Anne-Marie Speed, Sloan Just, Mary Hammond, Stuart Morley, Kelly Downing, Phillip Joel, Alex Tranter, Julie Armstrong, Nick Tudor, Luke Holman, Leo Munby, Stephen Hill, Ryan Gover, Robbie McMillan, Tara Overfield, Nick Evans, Vanessa Havell, Christie Crosson, Beaux Harris, Johnny Bishop, Justin-Lee Jones, Raquel Ashton, Akua Noni Parker, Ayodele Casel, Gabrielle Carrubba, George Croom, James Gray, Jessica Bogart, Todd Susman, Alexzandra Sarmiento, Lizzi Gee, Graeme Pickering, Katherine Iles, James Butcher, Scott Waugh, Joseph Fletcher, Nathan James, Chris Ma, Richard Hinds, Davide Camorani, Liam Swatteridge, Kate Graham, Lucy Potterton, Emma Kingston, Dan Warren, Sophia Mcavoy.

Experience whilst at MPAA – Soloist and ensemble singer – Tick Tick Zoom – Cabaret – Ryan Gover, Leo Munby

Dancer, ensemble singer – Brand New Day – The Shaw Theatre – Kevin Fountain

Tom and understudy Aunt Eller – Oklahoma – Kevin Fountain, Stuart Morley and Christie Crosson

Ruth Condomine – Blythe Spirit – MPAA – Vanessa Havell

Soloist and ensemble singer – There’s No Place Like… – Cabaret – Julie Armstrong and Nick Tudor 

Beadle Bamford – Sweeney Todd – MPAA – Kevin Fountain and Mâth Roberts

Dancer – Runway To Broadway – The Shaw Theatre – Kevin Fountain 

Elaine and understudy Helene – Sweet Charity – Nick Evans, Dan Warren and Sophia McAvoy

Its Only A Matter Of Time – Cabaret – Julie Armstrong, Griffin Jenkins

Previous/Professional Experience – N/A

Teacher Training Genres – DDE ballet, DDE tap, DDE modern