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Molly Peploe-Williams

Name: Molly Peploe-Williams

Spotlight Number: 5712-8972-8056

Nationality: British

Age: 21

Height: 5″7

Voice Type: Mezzo Soprano

Vocal Range: E3 – B6 BELT (D5)

Musical Styles: Contemporary Ballad/Uptempo, Pop, Legit, Rock, Character

Accents Spoken: Standard British, General American, RP, Oxfordshire

Languages Spoken: English

Dance Styles: Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Commercial, Tap, Modern, Dance General, Burlesque

Sports: Hockey (Field), Netball, Athletics, Yoga, Pilates

Instruments Played: N/A

Masterclasses Taken: Carrie-Anne Ingram, Cheng Ong, Chris Ma, Christian Knight, Emily-Grace Black, Erin Corcoran, Errol Hui, Gemma Maddock, Geoffrey Garratt, George Beet, Julie Armstrong, Kerri Norville, Mary Hammond, Máth Roberts, Nick Evans, Opal Edmonds, Richard J.Hinds, Robbie McMillan, Ryan Gover, Matt Ryan, Anne-Marie Speed, André Fabian Francis, Amy Hsu, Alex Sarmiento, Adam Haigh, Stephen Hill, Emma Kingston, Katherine Iles, Alex Tranter, Bradley Jaden, Guy Salim.

Experiences Whilst at MPAA: “It’s Just A Matter Of Time 2022 – Ensemble = Julie Armstrong
Les Miserables 2023 – Factory Girl/Bishop/Ensemble = Kate Graham
Pure Imagination 2023 – Featured Dancer/Ensemble/Dance Captain = Kevin Fountain
Into The Woods 2023 – Narrator/Cinderella’s Mother= Nick Evans
Shakespeare, With Love 2023 – Lead Vocalist/Ensemble = Geoff Garratt “

Previous Professional Experience: Evolution Foundation College, 1 year training

Teacher Training Genres: “DDE Modern = Completed

DDE Tap = In Progress

Street Jazz = In Progress “