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William John Bruce

Name: William John Bruce

Spotlight Number: 8130-5611-8881

Nationality: Scottish

Age: 21

Height: 5″9

Voice Type: Tenor

Vocal Range: F2 – G5 (Belt B4)

Musical Styles: Contemporary Singing, Legit Singing, Harmony Singing, A Cappella Singing, Rock, Pop

Accents Spoken: Glaswegian, Cockney, RP, Heightened RP, American (Standard), American (Southern), American (New York).

Languages Spoken: English

Dance Styles: Tap, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Commercial

Sports: Swimming

Instruments Played: Trumpet

Masterclasses Taken: Emma Kingston, Bradley Jaden, Richard Carson, Mary Hammond, Adam Hague, Máth Roberts, Geoffrey Garrett, Cheng Ong, Nick Evans, Jack Butterworth, Sophia McAvoy, Guy Salim, Julie Armstrong, Joseph Fletcher, Katherine Iles, Kamara Gray, Robbie McMillan, Ryan Gover, George Beet, Kerry Norville.

Experiences Whilst at MPAA: “Soloist – Shakespeare, with Love – Geoffrey Garret/Eoin Corcoran
Steward – Into The Woods – Nick Evans/Cheng Ong
Dancer/Singer/Dance Captain – Pure Imagination – Kevin Fountain
Jean Valjean – Les Misérables – Kate Graham/Máth Roberts
Featured Singer – It’s Just A Matter Of Time… – Julie Armstrong/Griffin Jenkins
Manfred/Ensemble – Sweet Charity – Nick Evans/Sophia McAvoy
Dancer – Runway to Broadway – Kevin Fountain
Featured Singer – There’s No Place Like… – Julie Armstrong/Nick Tudor”

Previous Professional Experience: Dandini/Ensemble – Blantyrella (Pantomime) – Ryan Fletcher

Teacher Training Genres: N/A